22-Jan-2019Spokane, WA+218 milesBirds for Adoption
Jazz is approx. 20 years old. She is a plucker. She talks a lot and is very interactive vocally. She prefers men but will work with most anyone dedicated to her. She is very skittish and startles easily. We are not her first home, but we have had her for 6 or 7 years (maybe longer, I can't remember). She is not a breeder and I will not allow her to go to anyone who is. Her cage is damaged so I ...
10-Jan-2019Calgary, AB+196 milesBirds for Adoption
Cage is clean Has a large door with a small door in the middle Measures 15" wide 18" tall 13" deep Comes with 3 food/water dishes (2 new) New toy Clip And a couple perches

Bird cage

10-Jan-2019Airdrie, AB+214 milesBirds for Adoption
Starter kit for a budgie, only thing missing is the swing. Bought bigger cage, she loves her swing so I kept it.
8-Jan-2019Calgary, AB+196 milesBirds for Adoption
Great for travel and training 14" long 12" tall 9.5" deep

Bird Cage

5-Jan-2019Airdrie, AB+214 milesBirds for Adoption
Bird Cage. Good Condition. Comes With Perch For Bird. Measurement : Height: 22 Inches - Width: 17.5 Inches - Depth: 17.5 Inches.
31-Dec-2018Calgary, AB+196 milesBirds for Adoption
Excellent condition Sanitized and ready for your pet Includes Cage 19" 19' 11" Black metal stand 3 perches and a swing Toys 4 food/ water dishes Mirrored treat dish/toy Clip for cuttle bone Spray millet holder
26-Dec-2018Airdrie, AB+214 milesBirds for Adoption
Needs a good clean but in good condition. Dimensions are 2ft tall, 16 wide, 14 deep